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He wasn't interested in showing but I wanted him to have a dog that fit the breed standard and had all possible health and genetic clearances. It was harder than I ever imagined to find him the right puppy! We spent almost a year looking but when we brought her home she was exactly the perfect dog for him. Over the next 14 1/2 years, Pumpkin ( Illustra's Swing on a Star) carried tennis balls, her dinner dish and a little boys secrets and dreams. She was his partner in crime, his confidante and there was never any doubt who her heart belonged to. When she started showing her age a little - a few gray hairs on the muzzle, a little slower in chasing her tennis balls - I realized that not only would John be heartbroken when she was gone, but I would too! And so I started the quest for a Golden Retriever of my own. I did want something to show and of course whatever puppy I brought home for myself would have to have a strong background of health clearances and wonderful temperament. Little did I know that over the next four years I would end up completely switching from the breed I had been so involved in for over 30 years....and that my life would change in many ways, including a cross country relocation from California to North Carolina and that my husband, Dennis, would become more and more involved in the dogs after years of just being there to support my passion.
All because of a boy and his dog.....

Some people have animals in their life - some people's lives revolve around animals. I am one of the latter.  I can't remember a time when I didn't want to spend all my time with animals of every sort - dogs, cats, horses, birds, wildlife. I always knew that wherever I went and what ever I did in life, I would be centered on working with animals.

Random Winds Kennels started in 1976, when I started working towards fulfilling my dream of showing and breeding dogs. In the beginning my entire focus was on English Setters. Over the years I have owned or bred over 30 Champions and many dogs with field titles. I was extremely active in my local breed club and was blessed with many extremely knowledgeable mentors and friends who shared my passion. Then, in 1993, my seven year old son requested a Golden Retriever for "his" puppy. I had always admired the breed and set out armed with almost 20 years of dog showing and breeding experience to find him a suitable companion.

Lola's puppies are here 6 girls, 5 boys born Jan 15th -Inquiries invited.